Senior Three Instructions

Dear senior 3 students,

We would like to notify you that there will be A.L exam on Thursday19th March,2015and the exam will include the following:


The 1st question: Vocabulary (refer to the attached list)

The 2nd question: Structure (all grammatical items of senior 3 O.L syllabus)

The 3rd question:Reading (unseen text)

The 4th question: Literature

The students will be given a part of a scene from a play and will be asked to analyse the scene and the main characters through their speech.

The 5th question:writing (unseen)

The students will be given two types of essays to choose from(narrative&argumentative)

The 6th question:Poetry (unseen poem)

The students are asked to paraphrase, pick out figures of speech and answer WH questions or discuss questions.


In case of not attending the A.L Exam, you will neither attend the graduation day nor receive the school certificate.